Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m trained as a mathematician (PhD from Yale, focusing on applied harmonic analysis.)  I’m currently working as a data scientist at a biotech company, doing machine learning for drug discovery.

I’m interested in questions related to “how do we know what we think we know?” This touches on machine learning, cognitive science, and philosophy. This blog is a place for exploring those kinds of issues, and other things that catch my fancy.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your informations with us.
    I’m affected by atypical depression and struggling to find a psychiatrist willing to prescribe me MAOI or RIMA (Selegiline) even if the study you published show it would be best suited for me. When I ask them why they are giving me something else (antipsychotic for example), they answer me “i’m the doctor, not you and google”.
    If by any chance in your field of work you happen to know someone that could help me find a better suited MD, could you please send me their contact informations? TIA and best regards.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I really appreciated your post on the effects of antipsychotic medication on the brain. I’m going to college, majoring in physics and have been diagnosed with schizoaffective order of the bipolar type. Looking back at some of the things I did in my life (like developing delusions bad enough to have me renounce my citizenship in a foreign country), this diagnosis makes sense. While being hospitalized recently, I was given a plethora of drugs that left me feeling totally dull, as if my forehead were filled with lead. I was discharged with Risperdal and just couldn’t take it. Doing mathematics felt terrible, like I was totally disconnected from that part of myself that is full of phantasy (and maybe some mania). I’m now on Ziprasidone (brand name Geodon) and take this in addition to Luvox. I worry very much about the effects these drugs could have on my mathematical abilities, especially my ability to think abstractly and spatially. I love thinking myself into math and physics problems, deriving things myself, usually by my own geometry. I wouldn’t want to live without being able to do that anymore. Do you possibly have any information on Ziprasidone or what it can do to the brain specifically? I have full understanding that you are very busy, so I’m not expecting an answer. But I thought maybe I could get lucky. My email is andyd203@hotmail.com.



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