1. I have a Twitter feed. It’s just journal articles (and commentary on them), I don’t use it as a social network, but if you want to see what’s on my mind, check it out.  For instance, what are the implications if most polygenic traits are affected by nearly all genes?
  2. I quit cross-posting to LessWrong because the discussion didn’t seem that good and I didn’t have the energy to single-handedly try to shift the flow. That may be changing now that they’re setting up a new, more troll-proof website, now in private beta. I’ll see how it goes and link when it’s open to the public.
  3. I highly recommend Lapham’s Quarterly, a magazine that brings together excerpts from historical and contemporary writers on a common theme. It’s an easy way to get some perspective, since we live in a really ahistorical culture.
  4. Elizabeth of Aceso Under Glass is now trying to go pro with her writing and research:

    My passion is the things I do for this blog- research, modeling, writing.  So obviously a lot of my newfound free time will go here.  But I’d also like to look for paid opportunities to use those skills.  If you are or know of someone who needs writing or research like I do for this blog (deep scientific investigation, synthesizing difficult sources into something easy to read, effectiveness analysis, media reviews, all of these together), please reach out to me via elizabeth at this domain.   Have a thing you really want me to blog about?  Now’s a good time to ask.

If you like my lit reviews, and want to commission someone to research the answer to a question, go to Elizabeth. She’s excellent, and she actually has the time and opportunity to do freelance work, which I currently don’t.

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